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Frequently asked questions about Permanent Makeup and what you need to know

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by Nichole Kay Jensen

#1 Advanced Technique Permanent Cosmetics of Northern Utah

Permanent Makeup Ogden 

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic Tattooing and Micro-pigmentation are all interchangeable terms used to describe the implantation of pigment makeup colors into the dermal layer of the skin. Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattoo that can replicate missing eyebrow hairs, give eyebrows even symmetry with the perfect powdered finish, enhance and define eyes, and give lips a natural plump with precise full color or beautifully blended lip liner.  This long lasting procedure is fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments available today. Permanent Cosmetics are commonly used to fill in sparse eyebrows, help improve the appearance of full eyelashes, to emphasize the eyes, to define and increase color in the lips and to camouflage scars or imperfections.

Who are the best candidates for Permanent Makeup? 

People with visual impairments, unsteady hands, busy lifestyles, stress, clean-room work environments, changes in hair growth due to hormonal changes or medications, allergies to topical cosmetics or simply the desire to wake up with makeup are a few of many great example candidates.  More and more women are discovering the lasting beauty and wonderful convenience of Permanent Makeup.

How long does the procedure take?

One hour and a half to two hours based on time taken for consultation, forms, design and numbing.  Touch Ups take between thirty minutes and one hour.

How many appointments are necessary for a procedure?

Most people desire one to two touch up's after their initial visit.  If you get your Waterline done you will need a touchup for it to look the very best.  Touch up's done within the first 6 months are only $35.  Touch up's are done when the healing is finished at around 4 to 6 weeks.  No sooner.  Color Boosts are recommended every 2 to 3 years  to keep colors fresh and new but are not absolutely necessary.  Please keep in mind due to many variable factors including but not limited to, skin conditions, pigment retention, exposure and health conditions, you may require more than one touch-up.  Permanent makeup can be a multi procedure.  

Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?

The numbing creams used work really well on most people.  Numbing creams and gels are used before and during the procedure so there is little to no discomfort.  Do not drink caffeine or eat sugar the day before or day of your procedure; this will stimulate your nerves so it should be avoided.  If you have a hard time numbing at the dentists office it is recommended to get a prescription(s) from your physician before your permanent makeup procedure.  Vitamin K-1 will help with bruising and swelling during your procedure.  Colloidal Silver Spray is very soothing and can help fight infections naturally after the procedure to help promote healing.  Using Colloidal Silver will help you heal two times faster.  Please see your doctor if you have any medical issues or taking anticoagulants- before your appointment or before taking Vitamin K-1.  Please obtain a doctors note if medical contraindications are of question.

Do you offer free, no obligation, confidential consultations?

Yes, by appointment only.  Nichole will go over what to expect before, during and post procedure.  All procedures come with a Post Procedure Bag that includes written After Care Instructions and the healing ointments needed.

 Can I get the exact color I want?

Nichole can match your favorite color(s) as much as possible. There are many colors to pick from and endless mixing options custom made just for you.  Only the very best pigments are used to ensure longevity to hold true and stay true to color for many years to come.

Is Permanent makeup like a regular tattoo?

No, it is similar to the same procedure but is not as deep as a regular tattoo; so therefore it is not completely permanent allowing you to change or alter colors if desired.  The equipment I use is made for fine detail work.  I use the Digital Rotary Pen method which lasts longer and implants color more evenly and smoothest, which lasts up to 8-10 years.  It is recommended to do makeup that looks natural and enhances your natural beauty.  I can lighten, darken, or change the colors whenever desired.

There are many different methods used for Permanent Makeup procedures,  what method is the best?

We use the latest technology in Permanent Cosmetics to ensure proper even depth of pigments by using the revolutionary %100 Digital Rotary Pen method. We have found that this is the best method that implants pigments the smoothest and makeup will last the very longest up to 8-10 years with minimal fading with most people. The Digital Rotary Pen method used combined with the use of the highest quality shades, pigments and colors ensures you will be satisfied with beautifully even and lasting permanent makeup for years and years to come.  The method used is made specifically for the face and designed for very fine detailed work, gorgeously blending and implanting natural looking cosmetics that will last.