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+ Prices may vary by each customizable procedure.  Advanced and multi-color(s) may vary in price depending on your desired look.  A complimentary consultation is available to you prior to all procedures.


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What We Offer

Waterline Eyeliner   $400+

Waterline Eyeliner is implanting pigment(s) above your lower lash line onto the wet line of the eye.  Waterline may be done both top and bottom.  One of our most popular procedures!  This technique of eyeliner benefits those who love the "tight line" look without the mess and goopy aftermath that you get with regular topical cosmetics.  Waterline eyeliner looks beautiful and formal.  Nichole's favorite eyeliner!

Color Correction   $300+

If you have had your makeup done previously by another artist and would like shape adjustments or to change colors, I do offer Color Correction procedures. Prices vary due to extent of pigment correction needed. A free consultation is available to discuss your many options.

Consultations   FREE

​Complimentary Consultations are provided.  You are welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with Nichole Kay Jensen either in person or virtual visit.

Advanced Techniques 

Permanent Makeup
Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Blended Lip Liner, Beautiful Full Lips, Waterline Eyeliner,

3D/6D Hairstroke Eyebrows, Powdered Eyebrows, Microblading, Beauty Marks, Shadow Eyebrows, Areola Restoration, Camouflage, Nano, Ombre', Color Corrections and so much more.....

Professional Eyebrow Design & Shaping, Lip, Nose, Chin, Facial and Body Waxing.

Spa Services - 7-10 Day Anti-Aging or Acne Peels.  Signature Face Lift Peels.      

Eyelash Lifts/Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting 

ALL Facial Waxing  $10 per area of your choice.  

Pro Brow Shape & Arch Waxing $10

Our Services

#1 Advanced  Techniques of Northern Utah

Eyeliner   $375

Permanent Eyeliner is one of the best ways to skip a daily makeup step altogether!  You will always look like you have your makeup on no matter what your mornings bring- no more smearing, say goodbye to morning eyes, and you can be ready in an instant when you need to be!  You can rub your eyes, cry, enjoy a great workout, and never have to worry about smearing or re-applying.  You will look your very best - all the time!  Get perfectly even eyeliner, connected edges, classic, smoked, natural, bold and more.  Eyeliner price includes both upper and lower liner of the customized pigment(s) of your choice, and includes a free eyelash enhancement.

Top or Bottom Only Eyeliner $275

Beauty Mark   $35+

To accentuate your most pleasing features.  Most popular placements are around the eye or around the lip area.  Permanent custom  Freckling available and priced by free consultation.   

Permanent Makeup Ogden, LLC

by Nichole Kay Jensen

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3D Eyebrows   $400+

Brush-Stroke 3-Dimensional eyebrows to imitate natural individual hairs.  This method of eyebrows looks completely natural and sophisticated.  This technique used is feathering of hair like strokes creating beautifully designed eyebrows.  3D creates the background and fills in the missing parts of the brows that before looked empty and sparse so that a full and complete look is accomplished.  

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Permanent Makeup Ogden

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Permanent Makeup Ogden

Lip Liner   $375

Gorgeously blended lip liner to enhance or correct the shape of your lips.  Lips can be done as natural or as vibrant as you like.  Lip Liner Restoration may also be done to add volume or to correct the natural shape of your lips.

The technique I use is %100 Digital Rotary Pen.  I do not use the soft tap or traditional coil machine method.  The method I use lasts longer- up to 10+ years and implants pigments smoother. I have found that Digital Rotary Pen is the best method made for fine detailed work and precise even depth implantation of pigments.  I use nothing but the prettiest shades and highest quality pigments for lasting longevity so your colors hold true and stay true for many years to come!  My colors will not fade into undesirable colors such as blue, red, pink or green due to iron oxides in certain pigments used by other artists.  I use nothing less than the best products, implements, and equipment.  I do offer Color Correction procedures if you have had permanent makeup done elsewhere and would like adjustments.  Prices vary due to extent of correction needed.  If you have eyelash extensions-please have them removed no less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment and be sure all eyelash adhesive residue is washed away.  You may have eyelash extensions put back on when your eyeliner is healed.  Be sure to come to your appointment with your makeup on so I can see how you like it, or you may have me professionally design or adjust your makeup for free of course and provide suggestions on what will look beautiful for your unique features and style.  If you would like me to color match your existing topical cosmetics, please bring them with you to your appointment.  Thank you so much, please call or text if you have any questions or to book your permanent makeup appointment. ~N.J.

Advanced Designer Spa Facial Peels   $150

The #1 results driven facial peels to noticeably reduce the appearance and signs of aging.  Drastically improves the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, crows feet, sun damage, scars, acne and the overall skin tone and texture of the skin.  A free skin care analysis is available to determine which peel would benefit your skin most.  Choice of customized mild with no down time peels or custom deeper peels available. Beneficial, Organic ingredients, green tea, oranges, fruit stem cells, willow bark and more. 

$25 off any Brow, Eyeliner or Lip Procedure

Touch Up   $35+

Up to six months after your initial procedure Touch Ups are only $35-$65. You must wait to receive touch ups until the procedure sight is completely healed, usually around week four to six. Touch Ups are not absolutely necessary but recommended to be perfect.

Permanent Makeup Procedures require a $50 Deposit to book your appointment.  Deposits paid will be deducted from your total at your appointment of course.  Please give notice of cancelations or to reschedule three days in advance to avoid being charged a $25 fee.  All permanent makeup procedures done, payments made for services and deposits to book your time are non-refundable.  Thank You.

Permanent Makeup Ogden

Full Lips   $400+

Perfect Full Lip color.  Matched to your favorite lipstick, lip gloss or a custom designed color from Nichole just for you.

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by Nichole Kay Jensen

#1 Advanced Technique Permanent Cosmetics of Northern Utah

Color Boost   $125+

Up to 3 years after your initial visit, if you would like to change colors, lighten, or darken- you qualify for the Color Boost price.  After 3 years, prices are half the current full price of procedures.  No Limits!

Areola Restoration   $350+

Medical full areola restoration, color corrections, and 3D areola enhancements. This is the perfect procedure for those who have had a mastectomy surgery and/or for those who have scars and would like a complete restoration or for those who simply wish to darken, lighten, add dimension or adjust the shape of the areola's.  

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Eyebrows   $375+

Eyebrows can be done to give a elegantly filled in finish, powdered look, or defined by correcting asymmetry, creating that perfect arch or filling in missing sparse hairs.  Eyebrows are so important, they frame your face and bring about a more youthful and younger appearance.  Eyebrows that have been properly shaped bring balance and proportion to the whole face and make you look younger.  Facial features can be softened or accentuated just by shaping the brows.  Nichole Kay is the go to brow designer expert!